The Right Tools Make A Difference

When it comes to children’s development, their work is their play and their tools are the toys that they use, and return to again and again.

If you want to be sure to buy toys and games that will entice your child to play in all the ways that they need to support their learning and development, The Smart Parent’s Guide is a low cost way to help you negotiate what can sometimes be a confusing, overwhelming and costly exercise.


“What an incredible book! It has provided me with the inspiration and confidence to purchase “spot on” toys for my little boy and girl…and the insight to use these toys to their utmost potential as they develop….This book is so much more than a guide to buying winning toys…It harbours at its very core that valuing play is serious fun, and the authors’ passion for their subject is nothing short of infectious!”

Alicia Laidlaw

Parent & Drama Teacher, Brisbane Queensland

Find The Toys That Suit Your Child Best

The Smart Parent’s Guide’s unique system gives you the inside track to choosing toys and games that play to your child’s strengths while developing their skills in weaker areas. It’s based on the same approach we’ve shared with hundreds of teachers, therapists and parents over many years.

The Smart Parent’s Guide’s system provides you with independent analyses of over 100 types of toys and games looking at sensory, movement and thinking skills that they work on for better learning and developmental outcomes.

“It’s really, really interesting…I found it very readable…and I particularly like the tick guide listing toys and what they can do for you.”

Susan Hetherington

Family Affairs 612 ABC Radio

Want To Get More Out of Your Child’s Existing Toys?

No problem!

The Smart Parent’s Guide includes creative and powerful strategies for modifying existing games and toys to make them interesting and fun again!

The Smart Parent’s Guide also gives you creative ways to set up the environment at home and school to increase your child’s enjoyment and likelihood of success – simply and powerfully.


“I highly recommend the Smart Parent’s Guide. I love it! It has so much information on play and toys founded on strong foundations, and is so easy and practical to use. This is a must for every parent’s bookshelf!”

Marga Grey

Occupational Therapist & Author of "Sensible Stimulation"




With all these inclusions this bright, colourful and easy-to-read book is a great buy!

Purchase and download this full colour digital  123 page PDF format manual.

ISBN: 978-0-9874696-2-5