The Essential Fluency Support For Teens Who Stutter


What Is Ezy-Speech?

“Ezy-Speech is an easy-to-use stuttering therapy program that provides the very latest, highly effective clinical system to achieve fluent speech.”

Dr Lisa Hudson BSpThy(Hons),PhD

The Ezy-Speech technique is based on the foundations of Prolonged Speech, originally developed by Professor Gavin Andrews, Dr Roger Ingham, Dr Ashley Craig and their research teams.

Ezy-Speech enhances the Prolonged Speech method through a more holistic approach. Once the technique has been adopted and is in daily use, your teen’s speech will have a natural fluency.

What Do You Get?

  • Effective stuttering / stammering therapy at home at your pace with Dr Lisa Hudson, speech pathologist, speech coaches, psychologist Judy Rafferty and professional relaxation training with Elain Croft.
  • A double DVD set (lasting approximately 2 hours 45 minutes) will cover all topics necessary for you to achieve and maintain fluency.
  • 8 minute mini booster for daily use for maintenance
  • 5 x 45-minute Skype sessions (1 with our speech pathologist + 4 with a speech coach) are included with the Training & Support Pack.

How Does It Work?

  • Teens learn the Ezy-Speech technique from the DVDs at home at their own pace.
  • Instruction is provided by Dr Lisa Hudson.
  • Learn along with 2 young people who are instructed in the technique on the video.
  • Practise with them daily for 3-6 weeks to see positive results.
  • Use booster session daily for maintenance.
  • Access Skype sessions for additional support as needed