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Join experienced, dynamic authors and therapists, Dr Lisa Hudson & Julia Eggles, for the Lifespan Fundamentals 2016 Seminar Series.

Gain valuable new insights and inspiration for parents and staff in our fun, informative and interactive sessions. All at your place!

Select from this menu of 6 seminars. Then contact us so that your seminar can be tailored to meet your needs. You can choose one topic for an after school information or fund raising night, or choose several to create a professional development day.

Ready Or Not?! – 10 Key School Readiness Skills for Confident Early Learning

Learn how to develop important underlying skills that children need for Prep and to cope with the curriculum in the early primary years.

Developmentally, some of these skills are still to come and yet school life expects them of our children. We need to know exactly where our children are headed so that we can remain true to their need for fun, play-based learning while helping them get there.

This seminar will step you through the 10 Key school readiness skills and provide strategies to help children acquire them.

Presenter: Lisa Hudson or Julia Eggles                            Duration: 90 minutes

What Sounds When? – How to Help Speech Development in Young Children”

This seminar will address the complex acquisition of speech sounds – what to teach and how to teach it.

LisaIt is perfectly normal for young children to make speech sounds errors. hence it can be difficult for parents and teachers to know when to correct them and when to leave the error alone. Knowing how to correct sounds can also be a challenge.

This seminar will outline the progression of normal speech development and highlight some key things to look out for, while also providing practical activities that will help children to develop their speech.


Presenter: Lisa Hudson                                                         Duration: 60 minutes

3. Homework Made Easier Ways to Make Homework Enjoyable & More Effective

homeworkMany children are excited to bring home their own homework – but the enthusiasm just doesn’t last.

Fatigue, cognitive overwhelm, the volume of homework and the time it takes are a constant theme for parents of many primary school children.

It can be a painful and exhausting experience for everyone involved.

This seminar will show you how to identify the triggers that may be causing problems with homework and provide you with some simple & practical ideas to reduce the pain and improve the gain!

Presenter: Julia Eggles or Lisa Hudson                                   Duration: 90 minutes

4. Ready Set, Read & Write! – Develop The Many Foundation Skills for Competent Reading & Writing

It’s time to start developing these skills right now!  Don’t wait until there is a problem to address these skills.

Children are starting to get ready for reading before they even need to hold a piece of paper in their hands. In fact, the early reading skills that develop BEFORE they can even recognise a single letter of the alphabet, are critical indicators for future success in reading and spelling.

Writing is one of the most complex tasks we learn to do – it starts with drawing and learning to represent what we see in ways that others understand. It brings together fine and gross motor skills, vision, touch and motion senses together with both receptive and expressive language.

In the video below Julia shares some of the basics for readiness:

Learn more in this seminar and get your children off to a flying start with reading and writing by using fun, play-based activities to practise essential skills.

Presenters:  Lisa Hudson & Julia Eggles                                   Duration: 2.5 hours

5. Pay Attention! – Tips & Strategies for Getting Children’s Attention & Keeping It

Attention and Memory are the strongest predictors of later academic success. Find out how to develop these abilities in young children.

attentionRight from when our children start school, they are expected to sit still and listen to the teacher – for at least 20 minutes at a time!

We are not born with this ability automatically installed. There are a range of underlying skills that children must practise before they can sit and listen successfully.

Two common problems we see in children who are struggling to cope at school are:

  • “Zoning Out” or being “in their own world” even when you call their name; or
  • Having the “attention span of a flea”, always jumping from task to task.

The ability to attend and listen is the first skill teachers need their students to master, and the more practise they have had outside of the classroom, the more successful they will be in the classroom.

This seminar will address these underlying skills and the ways parents and teachers can help develop them in children.

Presenter: Julia Eggles or Lisa Hudson                                   Duration: 90 minutes

6. Words++ – How to Teach Spoken English – The World’s Most Complex Language!

Understanding and using oral English language is the precursor to almost everything a child wants to attempt in life. You can help them develop English Language competence.

All day long, children have to be successful at following directions in order for their day to be enjoyable.  Young children have an innate drive to please others and to fit in, so if following directions is too challenging for them, everyone involved feels the pain!

The ability to communicate effectively sets us up in life for whatever we want to do. Communicating with others is one of the most complex functions that our brain and body has to orchestrate. Our sensory, motor and thinking skills must come together in the most finely tuned manner in order to say even the simplest of statements! It takes a lot of practice to get it right.

This seminar will break down the complexities of the English language so that you can confidently assist children to develop language skills.

Presenter: Lisa Hudson                                                           Duration: 90 minutes

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