Episode 32: Breaking Well

When you've worked hard to achieve gains for your child's development and/or learning with your therapist or teachers, it can be difficult to think about stopping. Over the years, Lisa and I have both had clients reluctant to take a break over the summer for fear of...

Episode 27: Best Toys For Learning

This time of the year is when parents and extended family members start asking questions about what to get the kids for Christmas. When they’re in our care naturally parents are looking for games and toys to help achieve their children’s goals – so in turn Lisa and I...

Episode 21: Stepping Up

Episode 21: Stepping Up

From the moment our babies are born, we look forward to some key milestones – their first smile, their first words, their first step. This week, I'm responding to a request from a new listener to talk about the mastery of walking and it’s connection with other areas...

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