An Active Learning Workshop

For Parents & Early Childhood Educators

This popular and powerful workshop is back! Created by experienced developmental clinicians with extensive input from teachers and parents, the Play15 Expert Partner’s Workshop brings to life the vital sensory, movement and thinking skills young children need for healthy development and easier, more joyful learning.

How Can Play15 Help?

Play15 shows you how to work with a child’s strengths, your resources and your environment, and create powerful, playful learning experiences in practical ways that strengthen their relationship with you and have fun doing it!

It shows you how to identify childrens’ individual differences and help you understand why they make the choices in play that they do.

You can use what you learn with confidence as it is based on years of clinical experience, and is supported by research in early childhood education, developmental child psychology and the fields of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech pathology.

Play15 applies to children of all abilities at home, in childcare and at school.

Play 15 can serve as an ideal introduction to therapeutic intervention for children who need some extra help. It will help you identify your next steps for group education and intervention.

You Will Learn:

  • New ways to  connect  and develop relationships with children through play
  • How children’s skills and abilities develop in intertwining ways (and how to use that to their advantage)
  • About 15 core elements considered vital for development and performance
  • Developing a clear picture of individual childrens’ sensory, motor and cognitive strengths and preferences
  • Strategies for harnessing children’s interests for improved language, attention, movement, learning, problem solving, interaction, thinking and engagement with academic learning in the early years of schooling
  • How to widen a child’s range of play activities and use of toys using these 15 core elements
  • How some childrens’ unusual behaviours and delays can be associated with difficulties in these core elements and gain understanding about what to do to address them

Play15 is presented in a lively, interactive style with straightforward language, demonstrations & hands-on learning experiences that inspire participants and provide real-life strategies they can put to work immediately.

We’ve run this workshop all over Australia, in parts of the USA and New Zealand with hundreds of participants over many years for hundreds of satisfied parents and educators. Here is a small sample of what workshop participants have had to say….

Parents say ....

“Very brilliant, exciting, positive and helpful.” – Dee

“…it is a greater insight into how to interact and engage with your children.” – Jodie

“It was wonderfully presented – very informative and useful – I can apply this knowledge to my son’s play time activities to help him. Please don’t stop giving these workshops. Thanks so much.” – Kathryn

“It was fantastic! All of it was useful! Analysing and then using this info was all relevant. I would recommend this course to others because it looks at play from a different perspective – the child’s!”  – Rhiannon

“Enjoyed every minute.”  – Debbie

“This course needs to be available to all ASD families.” – Richard

“This workshop was very beneficial when doing activities with my children. I can also see many benefits for me as a secondary teacher when working with children/students in the classroom.”  – Chelle

“Great for positive parenting.”  – Lisa

“Play15 Has helped me learn skills to engage an ASD learner” – Adrian

“It (Play15) is extremely informative and practical in dealing with the situation we have.”  – Cameron

“Learned why certain behaviours occur and what to do to help the child overcome and to expand. It was very encouraging and very informative.”  – Marie

“I would recommend this course to others as it reinforces what we already know, but also teaches us to use these skills better. It also teaches us a better way of interpreting our children’s needs.”  – Shelly

“Gives great ideas for ‘outside the box’ thinking.” – Michael

“Very informative.” – Sharon

“A fantastic workshop for all parents, no matter the age of the child as it covers information relevant to all.” – Courtney

“A lot of very useful information.”-  Isabel

“I found the whole workshop useful. It’s great to get such a positive aspect on ASD and strategies for dealing with different behaviours.” – Wendy

“Thank you for a well presented and informative presentation. Your enthusiasm and passion for the program shines through and helps the information to be understood easily with solid grounding to go home to utilise.” – Leisa

Early Childhood Educators say...

“Great ideas. Great resources.”

“Enjoyable and informative.” – Della

“Educational, interesting and helps perception.”

“It was great!”

“Very useful for early years educators. All of it was relevant to the classroom, teaching and students. It was heaps of fun.”

“Well presented, engaging.”

“Informative and helpful for classroom and home.” – Michelle

“Easy to listen to and full of functional ideas!”

“A very useful way to use the pupil free day!” – Janet

“Great tool for any parent/teacher, being able to successfully identify needs of child and either correct or improve learning outcomes.”

“Lovely ladies and well presented. All of it was relevant and useful.”  – Vanessa

“Enabled me to define and identify the skill sets children utilise and develop in play and learning.” – Noelene

“Lots of food for thought. I feel it has given me much to think about as a parent which in turn will help me understand all ages of kids at school.” – Rebecca

“Very helpful.” – Christa

Enquiries & Bookings

Play15 is presented by either/both Julia Eggles and Lisa Hudson over 8 hours. The workshop includes high quality workshop booklets for each participant and activity materials. Play15 is available for professional development days, conferences and for fund raising events around Australia.

As costs vary depending on location, duration and individual circumstances, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Express your interest by completing the contact form below – please start your message with “Play15 Enquiry” and provide your best email/phone contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We promise not to spam you!! Alternatively you can directly email us at

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