Fundamentals For Preschoolers

Overcoming Common Childhood Challenges In The Preschool Years


What Is It?

Pay Attention is an educational product that helps you determine whether your child’s attention skills are up to the demands of the classroom, and gives you specific strategies you can use on a daily basis to improve attention by:

  • ensuring they are getting the right balance of good quality rest, activity and nutrition
  • providing ways to refine and extend their attention skills in the context of their daily routine

How Does It Work?

Increase Your Knowledge & Understanding –  understand how your preschooler’s ability to focus is developing and identify possible reasons for any attention issues.

Motivates – practise and develop attention skills with activities that are naturally interesting and fun for them (and you) to do.

Engages brain & body together – harnesses the power of neural plasticity to help your child develop attention skills

What Do I Get?

  1. A Knowledge & Action information sheet with an attention skills checklist and specific recommendations to act on the results.
  2. A set of 3 activities designed to capture your child’s interest and when practised with enough intensity, can help to improve attention.
  3. An implementation guide – with ideas for key daily routines from the time they wake up until they go to bed, includes specific suggestions for setting up the environment, ways to interact and games/toys that make life easier.
  4. Professional email support for any additional questions or guidance.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Attention
  • What To Expect of Your Preschooler
  • How to Tell If Your Preschooler Has Attention Problems & What To Do About It
  • How To Develop Attention Skills
  • Three Activities With Demonstrations To Develop Attention Skills

Book A Speaker For Your School

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