positive-stressWouldn’t it be lovely if we could guarantee that our children would never be stressed? No, not really! Without sufficient stress, boredom sets in and potentially depression!

And when does boredom kick in the most? That’s right, the looming long Christmas holidays here in the Southern Hemisphere – a hot, often sticky 6-9 weeks with children having lots of time on their hands and being out of routine – a recipe for loads of fun and mischief for some, a source of overwhelm for some!

The trick is just enough of the right kind of stress to keep your child interested and engaged in life without becoming overwhelmed. This takes a willingness to adjust your expectations and the strategies you use to ensure a “goodness of fit” with your child, children or students and to consider the environment and the toys and tools they use to provide sufficient opportunities to stretch beyond their immediate comfort zone.

In today’s podcast I share some hints and tips to managing stress both positive and negative.


To develop a clearer picture of your child’s preferences, strengths and weaknesses, see the Play Profile in The Smart Parent’s Guide