If you have a child or children in your care who would rather run around outside than sit and listen to early maths concepts, you’re definitely not alone!

The good new is that we can use strengths based learning principles with cutting edge research to use their love of movement to explore and develop mathematical thinking. We know from previous posts that movement and learning go hand-in-hand, and that incorporating movement in class with academic tasks improves outcomes from the early learning through to high school. So how could that look at home, or in early learning settings?

In our programs for home and school we have many activities that do just that – today we are opening the vault for a peek to give you some inspiration. Overflow is a game you can plan with one child or many – all you need is buckets, cups and objects of all shapes and sizes and weights (that you don’t mind getting wet!).

The goal is to make the bucket overflow – this can be played co-operatively or competitively in small and large groups. It comes into it’s own in the summer of course!