_It's Nothing To Worry AboutIn this week’s podcast we’ll be exploring the common belief that boys naturally aren’t good at or interested in fine motor activities.

There’s no doubt that boys and girls have differing strengths and weaknesses arising from a combination of genetics, family and societal expectations and opportunities. Additionally, partially due to their lone x and y chromosomes, boys are more prone to a range of developmental and health challenges and as a result, are much more frequently referred for therapy than girls with learning and development challenges.

Yet research tells us that in normal development, differences between the sexes when it comes to motor skills are minor.

Not only that, but research also tells us children with greater agility, speed and manual dexterity perform significantly better academically than their same aged peers that don’t.

So, when boys avoid or trouble with fine motor play, drawing, writing and daily living tasks, it’s a cause for concern!

Listen to the podcast to learn how fine motor avoidance develops and some simple strategies you can use to help the boys in your life enjoy fine motor play as they’re meant to!



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