As another term draws to a close, many children and families are happily looking forward to a restful break and an adventure or two.

For others, the break from school can bring a shudder of dread!

Some children, particularly those with special needs, rely on the predictable routine of school to manage their stress and anxiety dealing with life. Even though towards the end of the term, they are starting to get tired and cranky, and clearly really need a break, it can take a few days to get used to being home and in a different routine.

This can create problems with children constantly looking to you for direction or tussles with siblings. If you have children who usually have you to themselves during term ad suddenly have to share with older school-aged siblings, it can be a real tug of war!

Short breaks can be frustrating as the kids are only just settling down when another adjustment comes with the return to school or childcare…

The good news is that this is a perfect opportunity to practise learning how to cope with change. There is nothing more certain in life that your children will have to face and deal with changes far more challenging than a break in routine!

As they practise learning to cope with change, they develop resilience – the ability to bounce back from tough situations, and they learn this by watching the important adults in their lives. And even better – Wouldn’t it be nice to know that this school break will be better than the last?

With a little advance planning it can be done!

In this week’s podcast I share some practical tips and strategies to manage the transition to and from school more easily, and how to plan for trips away. Do listen to this podcast well  ahead of your next trip, as some planning is required if you’re going to act on the information!



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