In this week’s podcast I amĀ  taking a look at scissor skills. They are one of the fine motor skills considered to be important for school readiness.

Yet often, although children are supposed to have been playing with child friendly scissors since the age of 2 years, this has often not been the case. So they haven’t had the practice that ideally they might have had.

Research tells us that fine motor skills are are reliable predictor of cognitive development in the early years, and even into high school.

Yet increasingly reports are that children are arriving at school with less fine motor competence in greater numbers than ever before.

If we are to help our children be truly ready for the demands of school, it seems that a greater focus needs to be placed on key fine motor skills such as using scissors.

To help, in this podcast I outline a few tips and strategies to help children who are slow to develop scissor skills progress.


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