Children who have trouble sitting still and paying attention in class, often also have difficulty with sitting still for mealtimes.

Working on changing the routines and habits around meals and snacks helps children practice and develop attention, concentration and mindfulness. These skills have  repeatedly been found in research to be important in the development of self regulation and contribute to healthy executive function.

In this week’s episode, Julia talks with Deb Blakley, Accredited Practising Dietitian from Kids Dig Food, about simple strategies that can be used at home, childcare and school to increase childrens’ focus and engagement during meals.

This regular practice sets children up for improved attention and self regulation in other situations and settings. The more they  practise within their normal daily routines, the better they will eventually become.

As Deb kindly offered, please download your copy of her positive language at mealtimes guide here.

For details about her workshops and webinars, please go to Kids Dig Food.